Last week I made a tent for my son’s room so in fairness this week I had to make something for my daughters. When I found out I was having a daughter the first thought that came to my mind was what will I do if I get a girly girl. I am not very girly and prefer mud and dirt to pink and frilly. Thankfully she turned out only 50% girly. When she is in the house she is all princess but the minute she walks out the door her need to get covered in dirt kicks in. I asked her how she wanted her room decorated when we moved into this house and my three year old princess with an obsession for butterflies was quick to say she wanted a butterfly garden. I don’t half do anything so I quickly hatched a plan to turn the entire room into a garden for her fourth birthday present. The room has seen a few minor changes since it was first completed but according to my daughter as of today it is perfect.

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DIY Tutu table

I made this cute little tutu table for under $20. I spent $10 on tulle, $2 on ribbon and $5 on a cheap dollar store table. I had some white paint laying around so I painted the table. I then cut the tulle into 3″ wide strips and looped it over a ribbon, same method used for a no sew tutu. Once it was large enough I used my hot glue gun to glue it under the edge of the table, and glued the ribbon on. It is extremely easy and much cheaper than they sell on Etsy.

I stayed up last night after the kids went to bed to finish this and nearly burned off a few fingerprints in the process. It was all worth it this morning to see my daughters face light up when she saw it. It was short lived when five seconds later she asked when I was going to make a tutu for her to wear. Now that I know how easy it is she is likely to have quite a few.

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